Marui Hi-Capa 4.3

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High-capa 4.3 Tactical custom which inherited the high performance of high capa 5.1 and realized sharp and sharp blow back. By making the total length short and compact, it has become a model that further pursues the merit in the tactical scene, such as weight reduction, portability, ease of withdrawing from the holster. 

Why S Hop?

Maximise the range and accuracy of your pistol by having the barrel and hop customized with an S-hop setup. Once S-hopped the range and accuracy will equal that of any other S-hopped gun with similar power. This means that your pistol will no longer be a ‘last ditch’ weapon, but a viable weapon in all circumstances. If you have other S-hopped guns your pistol can be setup and ammo matched to these so that you only need to carry one type of ammo in the field.

Unless specified we will setup all S-hopped pistol on 0.32g bb’s.

More about S Hopping can be found here