Marui 5.1 HI CAPA Gold Match Edition

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Marui 5.1  HI CAPA Gold Match Edition

When it comes to premier pistols then look no further than the TM Gold Match 5.1 Hi Capa Gas Blow Back Pistol. The most reliable and upgradable pistol on the market has had a few smart looking aesthetic tweaks. With fibre optic sites and vented slide revealing the fetching gold outer barrel, the Gold Match is a real head turner. With outstanding range and accuracy out the box and a good smooth solid kick, blow back motion, this this really is the must have pistol in Airsoft.

Why S Hop?

Maximise the range and accuracy of your pistol by having the barrel and hop customized with an S-hop setup. Once S-hopped the range and accuracy will equal that of any other S-hopped gun with similar power. This means that your pistol will no longer be a ‘last ditch’ weapon, but a viable weapon in all circumstances. If you have other S-hopped guns your pistol can be setup and ammo matched to these so that you only need to carry one type of ammo in the field.

Unless specified we will setup all S-hopped pistol on 0.32g bb’s.

More about S Hopping can be found here