Action Army AAP-01 Compact Pistol Black

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The most sort after pistol of the last year, the AAP-01.......but now introducing the AAP01-C series is popular for many reasons such as being Glock Magazine compatible, many upgrades such as stocks and rails made by Action Army, switchable between Semi and Full auto, tracer compatible. Certainly,for the money this is an all boxes ticked pistol for this price!

Action Army AAP01c Gas Blowback Pistol (AAP01C - SHORT - Black)

Various G series magazines can be used.
Marui's new quick-adjust Hop seat
Steel bolt latch
Replaceable magazine latch on the left and right side
Built-in semi / full auto adjustment button
Patented. housing (zinc alloy) and loading nozzle (nylon fiber) / G18 antifreeze rubber
Patent safety button
Nylon fiber body
Fiber optic

Build Material : Aluminum Alloy / Fiber reinforced polymer
Magazine Capacity : 23 Rounds ( 6mm )
Length : 182 mm
Barrel Length : / mm
Weight : 670 g
System : Gas Blowback
Fire Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
Hop-Up : Adjustable
Muzzle Velocity : Approx.290-320 fps with 0.2bb
Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manuals

*Make sure Hop is applied before shooting as BB's will roll out the end.

Why S Hop?

Maximise the range and accuracy of your pistol by having the barrel and hop customized with an S-hop setup. Once S-hopped the range and accuracy will equal that of any other S-hopped gun with similar power. This means that your pistol will no longer be a ‘last ditch’ weapon, but a viable weapon in all circumstances. If you have other S-hopped guns your pistol can be setup and ammo matched to these so that you only need to carry one type of ammo in the field.

Unless specified we will setup all S-hopped pistol on 0.32g bb’s.

More about S Hopping can be found here