Tokyo Marui SAIGA 12 GBB Shotgun with Additional Mags

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Due to demand of rifle and magazines, we are alowing up to 3 additional magazines to be ordered at same time shouold you need them. £47 per magazine.


TOKYO MARUI – SAIGA-12K GBB Shotgun Series.

The Saiga-12K, modelled after the AK, is a civilian-issue semiautomatic shotgun. This gas blowback shotgun series starts with the Saiga-12K, a variant type designed for use by police enforcement forces!

Built as a semi-automatic shotgun, the “Saiga 12” was modelled after the AK series that was popular during the Soviet era. The original intent was to cater to civilian hunters, but a variant called the “Saiga-12K” with a shorter barrel was eventually introduced to meet the needs of law enforcement.
The shotgun’s ease of reloading and its ability to be fired in the same posture as an assault rifle have made it a popular choice in markets outside of Russia.

With the new specialised blowback engine, it is now possible to fire three bullets at once while also experiencing blowback. Furthermore, the accuracy of each component is enhanced by gauging the actual weapon.


  • Powerful Blowback : Equipped with the SAIGA exclusive blowback engine that uses a large piston with a diameter of 19mm. The bolt operates in conjunction with the shot so that you can enjoy a strong recoil action.
  • Realistic : It faithfully reproduces the same functions as the real SAIGA, such as loading the first bullet by operating the bolt handle and stopping the forward movement of the bolt when the magazine runs out. In addition, the strip down can be performed almost like the real thing.
  • Auto stop system : Equipped with an auto-stop system that detects when the magazine is empty and stops firing. Furthermore, by turning off the auto stop cancel switch at the top of the magazine, you can enjoy the blank firing mode without any BBs in the magazine.
  • Appearance : The reproduction of each part is improved. In addition, the receiver cover and selector lever are made of stamped steel just like the real thing.
  • Adjustable Front Sights : The front sight can be adjusted up and down with a special adjustment tool. In addition, various optical sights can be mounted by attaching the separately sold. “Side Lock Mount Rail for AK74” to the side rail equipped on the receiver.
  • Box Type Magazine : Comes with a resin case magazine that holds 45 BBs and a temperature measurement seal on the internal gas tank surface.

Contents :

  • 1 Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K GBBR
  • 1 Standard magazine (45rds / 15 shots capacity)
  • 1 Front sight adjustment tool
  • 1 Safety cap
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 BBs tube loader
  • 1 Cleaning rod