Fobus Tactical Thigh Rig EX

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Fobus Tactical Thigh Rig

Fobus TTR Tactical Thigh Rig with Paddle Attachment for mounting Roto Holsters on Thigh
Fits all Roto Holsters
Allows for the mounting of a Roto-Holster™ comfortably on either thigh. Ultra strong two-piece thigh rig with a ballistic nylon strap that keeps the holster centered during strenuous activity. Swivel joint gives wearer comfort while walking, hiking or driving. Reversible for left or right handed holster mounting.

Accepts any Roto-Holster™. (Holster sold separately)
Ambidextrous, strong and flexible design
Does not restrict movement during strenuous activities
Adjustable 1.5" ballistic nylon non-slip leg strap with side buckle release
Available in paddle and belt models