Cyma CM041 B Mp5 Full Stock - Blue Edition

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CM.041B is an extraordinary replica manufactured by CYMA, representing a significant advancement in the production of ASG replicas by Chinese manufacturers.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Each replica is equipped with a unique serial number!

This remarkable replica stands out with its exceptional quality. The upper and lower body parts are meticulously crafted, ensuring a perfect fit without any gaps. The replica features a metal construction with components such as the upper receiver, outer barrel, sights, suppressor, and stock made of ZnAl. The stock foot and lower receiver are precision-made from nylon, the same material used in the production of real firearms. Additionally, the replica includes a removable flame suppressor and offers the option to mount a dummy suppressor using the 14mm counterclockwise thread.

Internally, the CM.041B boasts a reinforced V2 gearbox frame with a quick spring change system, providing convenience and efficiency when replacing the spring. The steel gears are mounted on reinforced 7mm bearings, ensuring durability and reliable performance. The spring guide, along with the bearing (please note that v.3 guides are used), is reinforced with metal, facilitating smoother spring operation. The replica utilizes a 100m/s spring, delivering a shot force of approximately 330 FPS. The gearbox features a quick change spring system for added convenience.

The polymer piston with metal teeth and the type 1 stainless steel cylinder contribute to the replica's smooth and reliable performance. Notably, the replica incorporates a silent piston and cylinder head set made of aluminum and coated with a blue anodized finish, with the piston head equipped with a bearing. The replica is powered by a high-torque engine equipped with neodymium magnets, providing enhanced performance. Users will be pleasantly surprised by the gearbox's functionality. Furthermore, the model is fully compatible with parts and accessories from other manufacturers, allowing for extensive modifications.

Set Includes:

  • replica
  • accumulator mini 8,4V 1200mAh
  • charger
  • magazine Hi cap 200rd
  • handle grip