Cyma CM048 Real Wood AK47

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The CM.048M is a faithful reproduction of the AKM. The newly released CM.048 variant stands out as one of the finest AKM replicas available today.

The body, flash hider, top cover, and folding stock are expertly crafted from durable steel (bent sheet). Other components such as the outer barrel, gas block, base rear sight, and side rail share the same metal construction (ZnAl).

The handguard and stock showcase the timeless appeal of wood craftsmanship. Every part is meticulously pinned, mirroring the assembly of an authentic AK.

Internally, the replica houses a reinforced ver.3 gearbox, with steel gears seated on robust 7mm bearings. The reinforced spring guide, forged from metal and equipped with a bearing, facilitates smoother spring movement. The 100m/s spring generates an impressive shot force, propelling rounds at approximately 330 FPS.

The polymer piston boasts sturdy metal teeth, while the "SMOKED" black nickel coating on the copper-based "Type 0" cylinder ensures an impeccably smooth surface. A standout feature is the whisper-quiet piston and cylinder head set, meticulously crafted from aluminum and treated with a blue anodized finish. Notably, the piston head incorporates a bearing for enhanced performance.

Enhancing the replica's prowess is a high-torque motor fortified with neodymium magnets, delivering surprising gearbox dynamics.

Importantly, the CM.048M boasts unparalleled compatibility with accessories from various other brands. This compatibility significantly contributes to the replica's longevity and opens up avenues for performance upgrades.

In essence, the CM.048M harmonizes remarkable external authenticity with an astonishing internal mechanism, resulting in an exceptional replica that's built to impress and evolve.

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