ASG Ultrair Orange 164 PSI

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  • 70g Contents
  • Propane / Butane / Difluoromethane
  • Approx 164 PSI @ 25°C - Great for hot weather

If you want something with a bit less pressure than standard green gas to keep your pistol healthy on a hot day but don't want the massive performance drop of switching to low-pressure gas, the ASG ULTRAIR Propellent Gas; 164 PSI should sort you out! ASG's expanded range of Ultrair gas is designed to give skirmishers more options than ever before, offering several gas formulas with detailed pressure test results so you can choose the perfect gas for your performance parameters.

This, the 164 PSI example is designed for use with metal slide GBB pistols on hot days where the pressure of standard green gas might climb too high and cause parts failures or upset marshalls. The formula of this, ASG's "medium-power" option does not include silicone lubricant which will improve accuracy downrange at a small cost of increased maintenance requirements.