Ares AM-013BK Amoeba Honey Badger Black

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Ares Honey Badger Airsoft AEG Rifle (Tan) - EFCS Metal Gearbox with QC Spring - Multi Position Sliding Stock - Polymer Receiver Body - 300 mm Metal Outer Barrel - Polymer Flip-up Front & Rear Sight - CNC Metal Handguard Free Float Integrated Suppressor - Polymer 300 rounds Hi-Cap PMG Magazine (With Non-Functional Magazine Level Window and Rubber Foldable Magazine Plate) - High Torque Motor - Available in Black or Tan - Featuring both SEMI & FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode - Retractable Stock - EFCS Metal Gearbox: (Work with ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox Programmer) (Product Code: ARES-E-GP-P01) can select 4 different ways your AEG will fire: - SAFE - SEMI - AUTO - SAFE - SEMI - 3RDS BURST - SAFE - 3RDS BURST - AUTO - SAFE - SEMI - SEMI (*ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox Programmer is not included with the AEG it is available separately*)

 The Ares AMOEBA range of AEG's combines cutting edge technology with stunning aesthetic design and light-weight high-speed build quality, giving the player a good looking AEG, that they can carry around all day with out getting tired and fantastic features like programmable burst fire and lightning fast trigger response.

Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) is a new concept in Airsoft which is combining electronic parts into AEG's. Essentially it is a MOSFET built into the gearbox in the factory.
ARES Airsoft provides 3 new benefits to any AEG users through EFCS, They are; Gearbox Protection System, Gear Sensor and Electronics Trigger System. EFCS version airsoft can change fire mode to four different settings and have lipo battery protection through the ARES Electronic Programmer.
Gearbox Protection System
ARES know that the cause of airsoft damage is often from gearbox lock ups, so ARES developed the Gearbox Protection System. If the user presses the trigger 5 times, EFCS can cut off the power when the gearbox locked. This can give a warning signal to the user. The user can re-activate the gearbox through reconnecting the battery.
Gear Sensor 
ARES Gear Sensor can sense when the gear finishes its cycle and stops it at the best position. This will make sure that the piston stays in the front position and this action has 3 benefits, I reduces the stress on the spring, increases the life time of the spring and saves battery power.
Electronics Trigger System 
The Electronics Trigger System can improve the trigger life time, The user can adjust the trigger stroke (It can be adjusted to around a 2mm trigger stroke). The user will have a faster trigger response and therefore higher semi auto shooting frequency.

Full Auto / Semi / Safe
BATTERY 8.4V-9.6V 1200mAH mini (2/3A) Nunchuck/ 7.4 Lipo Single or twin 1100-1450mah
MATERIAL Nylon Fiber + Al.Alloy
MOTOR High Torque Flat Motor
HOP-UP Adjustable
LENGTH 755mm (In 5 Steps)
WEIGHT 3500g

S Hop & Power Increase 

With the fantastic response we’ve had to our S-Hopped Marui NGRS range here at Combat South we have decided to extend this to be available on all new guns when being purchased from us prior to delivery.

So why increase the Power and S Hop? Simply put, to increase its range and accuracy. Further info on S Hops and upgrades can be found in our Service/Upgrades section.

Once all set the gun is set up to run on .32g ammo with the standard manufacturer’s choice of battery. All Weapons are fully tested at our outdoor range before being signed off

Standard turn around is 7-10 days from purchase.

Should you wish to extend the level of upgrade on your new purchase then please contact us for further options.

Any variants in the upgrade process we will contact you directly to discuss this.