Specna Arms SA C07 PDW Tan

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A brand new rifle built by Specna Arms as part of their CORE range of beginner rifles. With a KeyMod hand guard and high quality build this rifle is the ideal starter weapon and has everything players new any old need in a rifle. This particular version of the SA-C07 comes with a PDW stock instead of the traditional M4 stock, and is designed for CQB environments to be as low profile as possible.

The weapon has plenty of room for aftermarket part attachment, supporting both 20mm RIS / RAS as well as KeyMod attachments. The top rail of the weapon is the full length of the rifle allowing for large and advanced sight and scope setups, and is 20mm RIS / RAS, the most common type for Airsoft attachments. The hand guard features KeyMod slots on the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions allowing for more modern attachments, and if you don't yet have any KeyMod attachable parts the set comes with KeyMod to 20mm RIS / RAS panels to allow your pre-existing kit to be attached. The panels can be moved up and down the handguard, and be positioned into optimal locations for best attaching accessories. 

  • Part of the Specna Arms 'CORE' range of beginner rifles
  • Great starter rifle
  • Electric Powered Airsoft AEG
  • PDW style stock system perfect for CQB games
  • Specna Arms V2 Gearbox
  • Enter and Convert Quick Change Spring System
  • Adjustable Hop-Up unit for range and accuracy
  • 300rnd High-Capacity wheel wound magazine
  • 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel
  • KeyMod Railed handguard
  • KeyMod Rail sections at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions
  • Movable KeyMod to 20mm RIS / RAS Rail Panels
  • Full top length 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for attaching Sights and Scopes
  • Removable 20mm RIS / RAS push button Flip Up Ironsight set
  • Sound enhancing flash hider
  • Flat trigger guard
  • Finger ridged pistol grip for a more secure hold
  • Rear wired gearbox to mini-tamiya
  • 8mm Slide Bearings
  • Full steel piston rack
  • Lightweight polycarbonate plastic piston
  • 6.03mm precision inner barrel

S Hop & Power Upgrade

With the fantastic response we’ve had to our S-Hopped Marui NGRS range here at Combat South we have decided to extend this to be available on all new guns when be purchased from us prior to delivery.

So why increase the Power and S Hop? Simply put, to increase its range and accuracy. Further info on S Hops and upgrades can be found HERE

Once all set the gun is set up to run on .32g ammo with the standard manufacturer’s choice of battery. All Weapons are fully tested at our outdoor range before being signed off

Standard turn around is 7-10 days from purchase.

Should you wish to extend the level of upgrade on your new purchase then please contact us for further options.

Any variants in the upgrade process we will contact you directly to discuss this.