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Marui Scar CQC Recoil Black


Marui Scar CQC Recoil Black


As another addition we can tune your recoil to around 335-350fps on a .2g BB using a specially made M95 for the TM recoil series.

Should you wish to discuss any further upgrades please feel free to contact us.

Customers are advised that Upgrades can take around 1-3 days from purchase. 

Marui Scar L CQC

Marui electric blowback, Metal upper Receiver, plastic lower.
Realistic bolt system, the rifle will stop firing after the last round is fired from the mag,(82rd mag only) reload mag and hit the bolt release to continue firing..
Battery  8.4v or 7.4v Li-Po
Compatible with Marui SOPMOD magazines or normal M4 magazines with a magazine adapter
inner barrel length 247mm

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