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Marui AK102 Recoil


Marui AK102 Recoil


Marui AK102 Recoil

Like the AK74MN this has a 'recoil engine', which gives the gun a recoil and the bolt moves backwards and forewards
It also has an Aluminum receiver
Within the receiver you will find a Newly-designed Mechbox.
Magazines are of a completely new design
Marui AK-47 Mags can not be used with this gun you will need to get the appropriate Marui mags for this gun.
Product Brand Tokyo Marui AK Series
Battery: 8.4v Mini (Type 03)
Shooting Mode. semi, full Auto.
uses 363mm inner barrel
Supplied with 480 round black hicap magazine
Will work with Marui AK74 type magazines

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