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ASG CZ Evo 3 B.E.T Carbine


ASG CZ Evo 3 B.E.T Carbine


One of the toughest Airsoft guns around, The EVO is designed to be built from fewer parts than most Airsoft guns. The simple construction using high quality components results in a durable, high performing AEG that is easy to take apart for service, maintenance and upgrades.
The EVO 3 Carbine is the first AEG that is built especially to use LiPo or LiFE batteries. With the use of an ULTIMATE basic motor, high quality wiring and an electronically controlled unit (ECU), the EVO 3 A1 is also the first AEG born to use 11.1V LiPo batteries right out of the box.
The EVO 3 Carbine gearbox is designed from scratch by ASG, rather than modifying existing gearbox versions to deliver functions they were not intended for in the first place, the EVO 3 Carbine internals have been purpose built to deliver advanced functions by using custom electronics, while having the strength necessary to handle powerful springs or high-speed solutions. Add to all this the easy power change design with one-tool quick spring access, allowing fast in-the-field spring changes to best match mission requirements. The uniquely designed electronics offers single fire, full-auto and 3-shot burst, and is more power efficient than a standard electrical system.
The gun will stop firing when the magazine runs empty, and requires activation of the bolt catch when reloaded, thus simulating a realistic firearms experience.
The EVO 3 Carbine features an integrated silencer and extended forgrip with ergonomic design and fully ambidextrous controls that are easy to access and operate even while wearing gloves. Being a highly realistic licensed replica in both form and function this Airsoft gun will also appeal to both mil-sim and gun enthusiasts alike.
Includes one 75rd Magazine and front / rear plastic sights.

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