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ASG CQB7 M15 Devil


ASG CQB7 M15 Devil


Compact, carbine for operating in close quarters.
Introducing the DEVIL series AEG. This new Proline airsoft gun is a breath of fresh air in the crowd of conventional looking M4s flooding the ranges.
Many subtle design details sets the DEVIL AEGs apart from a standard M4. The sturdy upper receiver displays an angular shape providing a more modern look. The sleek ergonomic pistol grip has a palm swell and a textured surface for better grip.
Internally is where the DEVIL series, really stands out. MIM gears running in 8mm bearings, metal cylinder and piston head. A piston with metal teeth and a quick-change spring guide w. bearing, that accessible by easily removing the stock tube. Finished off with low-resistance silver wiring for optimized conductivity to ensure the DEVIL series delivers one HELL of an experience.
Aggressive looking flash suppressor rebar cutter flash-hider
Quad rail front-end
Quick-change spring guide w. bearing, accessible by removing the stock tube.
Removable Foldable front and rear sights
Rear peep sight foldable with close-range and long-range peep sight
Collapsible 7 position SopMod stock
Piston with metal teeth
Charging handle with simulated bolt action
Silver wiring
Metal piston head
Metal cylinder head
8mm bearings
MIM gears
Beefed-up upper receiver with modern angular design
Rigid construction, receivers secured together with bolts
Sleek ergonomic pistol grip with palm swell and textured surface for better grip
300 rd. High-cap magazine
Laser engraved logo and markings

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