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VCRA, Player Registration and the law

As you may be aware after the 1st October 2007 it will be an offence to purchase, import or manufacture a RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) as outlined in the VCRA. Airsoft guns fall within the scope of being a RIF.

Airsofters can gain an exemption to the act that will allow them to continue purchase airsoft guns, (over 18 yrs only), subject to certain conditions.

To qualify as an 'Airsofter' you must play at least three times a year over a period of not less than two months at a game site that has third party public liability insurance.

Once you have completed this you are then able to purchase RIF's using your membership number, you may then choose to go on the UKARA database which was a database set up by retailers to help speed up the process of buying RIFs and nothing more than that. UKARA is not law its just a database.

Combat South will except valid player registration card, UKARA and some forms of re-enactment/MVT.