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The Armoury

We have the following guns for hire at £17 per day including protective face mask. If you require gun hire, you can select your preference when making your booking online. Or you can call the store to make a reservation.

NOTE: Due to finite stock we cannot guarantee your choice of gun. And only approve ammo may be run through our hire guns. Ammo that is not approved and found in our guns may incur a charge.


H&K are renowned for creating the best special purpose weapons in the world of hostage rescue, high risk police missions, and military operations. British police, NATO Rapid Reaction Force, and American law enforcement agencies all use the G36.


This has been the default rifle for many factions of the United States special forces. An updated version of the venerable M16 service rifle, the M4 is based off its predecessor's proven design.Versatile, lightweight assault M4 carbine. Excellent all-rounder.