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The latest products from ICS and certainly a jump forward by them, the new S3 line with up to date Mosfet system but still featuring all the pro's of the original ICS design with split version gearbox! Full metal construction and hop, its one solid bit of kit.

SSS.II E-trigger system
● Pre-cocking Function
● 20° Vertical Pistol Grip
● Competition Short Stroke Flat Trigger
● Realistic 9mm Pistol Caliber Magazine & Ejection Port
● Hi-Capacity PDW Style Stock
● Tri-way Magazine Release
● Rear-lockable Bolt Plate
● Reinforced Full Metal Teeth Piston
● Performance Grade AL6061 Cylinder and Piston Head
● EBB System
● Lightweight 6.5" M-Lok handguard
● ICS Split Gearbox
● QD Spring Guide Design
● One-piece Metal H-UP Chamber

S Hop & Power Upgrade

With the fantastic response we’ve had to our S-Hopped Marui NGRS range here at Combat South we have decided to extend this to be available on all new guns when be purchased from us prior to delivery.

So why increase the Power and S Hop? Simply put, to increase its range and accuracy. Further info on S Hops and upgrades can be found HERE

Once all set the gun is set up to run on .32g ammo with the standard manufacturer’s choice of battery. All Weapons are fully tested at our outdoor range before being signed off

Standard turn around is 7-10 days from purchase.

Should you wish to extend the level of upgrade on your new purchase then please contact us for further options.


Any variants in the upgrade process we will contact you directly to discuss this.