ICS-67 MX5 A4 with Flash Light (Polymer Body)

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ICS MX5-A4 Plastic with flashlight AEG Airsoft Gun.

includes ICS MX5 Tactical LED Flash light Handguard, On-Off and pressure switch..

ICS Plastic MX5 Version
Hop-Up: same as ICS metal version hop up. Adjustable hop-up
Firing Rate: Firing rate depends on battery voltage and spring setting
Weight : around 1800 kg ~ 2000kg
Mag Pellet Capacity: 230 rounds
Body material : plastic 
Outer barrel material :metal
stock material :plastic
Metal Bearings : Yes
High Quality Silicone Wiring System: Yes

S Hop & Power Upgrade

With the fantastic response we’ve had to our S-Hopped Marui NGRS range here at Combat South we have decided to extend this to be available on all new guns when be purchased from us prior to delivery.

So why increase the Power and S Hop? Simply put, to increase its range and accuracy. Further info on S Hops and upgrades can be found HERE

Once all set the gun is set up to run on .32g ammo with the standard manufacturer’s choice of battery. All Weapons are fully tested at our outdoor range before being signed off

Standard turn around is 7-10 days from purchase.

Should you wish to extend the level of upgrade on your new purchase then please contact us for further options.

Any variants in the upgrade process we will contact you directly to discuss this.


Requires Battery: 8.4v -9.6v  (Type 03) (Type 04) 7.4 Li-po (Type 20)


Box Contents
Two 230rd metal Magazine (same as ICS metal version magazine)
Cleaning Rod
Manual and DVD


Rifle fitted with mini Tamiya connector