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Marui KSG Shotgun


Marui KSG Shotgun


Marui KSG Gas Shotgun

Like the M870 it has selectable 3 or 6 shot; by switching the slide switch located beneath the heat shield.

The KSG features two tubular magazines under the barrel. 
Each tube holds up to a maximum of seven shells and can be fired one after another for all 14 of them. 
In addition, you can select which tube you would like to use whither it be left or right, this can be done by using the selector lever found at the ejection port. 
Standard Marui TM style shot shell magazine can be used.
Metal parts on the real shotgun are made of aluminium die cast or zinc die cast in the replica.
Metal inner frame for added strength.
Pica tinny standard rails are attached on the top of barrel and beneath the fore end.
The gas tank in rear of stock is removable.

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