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Element EX236 E1000 Chronograph


Element EX236 E1000 Chronograph


Quick Overview

Element E1000 Shooting Chronograph
-Measure the muzzle velocity / bullet speed / RPM (Round Per Minute) / Joules
-Foldable and Rotary LCD display makes small size
-0.2g , 0.25g and 0.3g weight option
-Muzzle velocity unit: MPS (m/s)/ FPS (ft/s) select and display
-Automatic shutdown time options: 5 min / 10min / 15 min
-Backlight control: 30 seconds automatically shut down, constant on, turn off all the times
-Operated by 4x AAA batteries
-Tripod Screw to fit camera tripod, Tripod included

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