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ICS-265 CXP Transform


ICS-265 CXP Transform


This has replaced the ICS-261 model with a rear wired version
The modern ergonomic compact design is one of the important parts of transform. 
UK1 hand-guard equips the latest KeyMod system, with the same specifications of the real gun. 

The TMAG magazine of the CXP-UK1 provides high, medium, and low capacity choices with anti slip lines and a bb capacity window. 
Six positions adjustable MTR stock provides high adjustability, comfort and stability. 
The comprehensive upgrade and new designs of TransforM4 is the great achieve-mint of ICS spirit.

TransforM4 CXP-UK1 with the standard equipment of reinforced piston, metal hop-up set, and MIM process No.1 and motor gear, gives you the most robust system.
Integrated receiver, build-in lower receiver pin, and bilateral charging handle. Integrated safety selector lever with the spring release function.

Equip with reinforced upgrade piston and metal hop-up.
Brand-new EBB split gearbox system with invincible performance.
New one-piece upper receiver provides high tensile strength.
Bilateral charging handle is a user-friendly design satisfies various battles and players.

TMAG H300/L45with anti slippery design and BBs capacity window.
Invincible steel No.1 gear am gear maximize efficiency.
Six position adjustable MTR stock provides high adjustability and comfort.
Integration of safety selector lever and spring release function.
lower receiver.
Includes 3x Key-Mod rail sections.

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