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Abbey Predator Mini Ultra Gas


Abbey Predator Mini Ultra Gas

Abbey Predator Mini Ultra Gas

Ultimate power in a smaller can

Abbey Predator Mini Ultra Gas is the ideal premium power high performance gas for use in the field.
Many gases use silicone or similar lubricants. Silicone is not designed to work in gases so separates and sinks. You need to vigorously shake the can to remix the lubricant. You cannot be sure how much silicone is in each magazine refill. Silicone will bind metal to metal, slowing or seizing your gun.
Abbey Predator Ultra Gas contains UPL+. A high performance, extreme pressure lubricant designed for the seals and internals of your gas blow back gun. It will always remain mixed with the gas eliminating vigorous can shaking.
The smaller size of the can allows it to be carried in the field in your back pack or on your webbing. You can quickly refill your weapons without giving away your concealed position. You remain in the game longer without field stripping your weapons.
If this gas is too powerful for hot summer days. Before you damage your gun, change to Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a
Need a larger size can for refills in the safe zone? See our Abbey Predator Ultra Gas. The same power in a larger size can.

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