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Abbey 144a Maintenance Gas


Abbey 144a Maintenance Gas


All new guns spend time in shipping and storage which can lead to dry and unsatisfactory seals. This causes reduced performance and, in extreme cases, the gun will not cycle at all.

Lubrication is necessary to obtain the most from your new gun, however, stripping and maintaining a new and unfamiliar gun may not be your first choice.

Older guns, especially when stored in warm modern houses, can suffer the same problems. Often you will be advised into expensive, intricate and time consuming seal replacement.

Using Abbey Maintenance Gas 144a you can quickly and simply rejuvenate your gun without the need for stripping and laborious maintenance.


  • Blended to give the same power as the manufacturer’s original recommended gas.


  • Maintenance Gas 144a contains carefully selected gases which produce just the right power


  • Our unique UPL lubricant is designed to be stable in the gaseous state


  • Does not separate and sink to the bottom of the can like other brands


  • Does not cause damage to or break your gun
  • Simply, fill the magazine with Abbey Maintenance Gas 144a to rejuvenate your gun

Regular use of Abbey Maintenance Gas 144a will keep your guns performing at maximum power and reliability.

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