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Xmas Special 20th December - Prize List

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For those who have booked for our Xmas Special Game we thought you might like to know what amazing stuff is grabs this year! If you still haven't booked don't worry, we still have a few places left.

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There is two opportunities to win, our Fancy Dress competition which is always tough to judge as the standard is always amazing. If dressing up is not for you don't worry as everyone is entered into our Christmas Raffle.

Here is a list of the prizes offered this year from ourselves and those that have been generously donated by our suppliers.

Xmas Raffle Prizes – 2015

1st – Marui HK417 (Courtesy of Combat South)

2nd – ICS Digi M4 (Courtesy of Firesupport)

3rd - 5.11 Gun Bag (Courtesy of 5.11)

4th – Tank (Courtesy of Redwolf Airsoft)

5th – Viper Plate Carrier (Courtesy of Thatchreed)

6th – 5.11 Glasses (Courtesy of 5.11)

7th – Torch (Courtesy of Tactical Kit)

8th – Bundle (Courtesy of UKMC)

9th – V Light (Courtesy of Edgar Brothers)

10th – Battlebox (Courtesy of TLSFX)

11th – Tactical Stocking (Courtesy of Combat South)

12th – Free Game Day + Pyro (Courtesy of Combat South)

13th Free Game Day (Courtesy of Combat South)

14th - Selection Box


Xmas Fancy Dress Prizes

1st – Marui USP Compact (Courtesy of Combat South)

2nd- 5.11 All Hazard Nitro Bag (Courtesy of 5.11)

3rd – Tech Torch (Courtesy of Edgar Brothers)

4th – Viper Fleece (Courtesy of Combat South)

5th – Free Game Day + Pyro (Courtesy of Combat South)

6th – Free Game Day (Courtesy of Combat South)

7th - Selection Box

Pretty good huh! See you there. All the best,


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