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May Game Dates

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Morning All, quick rundown of game dates for May, as ever usual Walk On's, the next instalment in Gas & Spring Games and the start of the Evening Games! So here we go....
1st Sunday Walk On
8th Sunday Walk On
11th Evening Game
14th Gas & Spring Afternoon
15th Sunday Walk on
18th Evening Game
25th Evening Game
29th Sunday Walk On
Few reminders for Evening Game and Gas & Spring-
Gas & Spring , gates open at 12 for a 1pm start and run till 4ish
Evening Games, gates open from 5.15, for 6pm start.
Both are just £10 to play and at both games the gates are locked at game start for security reasons.
Both have Gas, Pyro & BB's available but battery charging is not.
Hire guns are available for Evening Games, but need to be pre booked.

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